Friday, July 10, 2009

Kadaver Quotes.....

-"I was PSYCHED on the showers when I was in jail!" -Dusty Woster on his weekend in the slammer.
-"It's some state in the Northeast. like Minnesota!" -Julie
-"Whatever dude, you smell like Value Village!" -Brandon Smith to the bouncer after getting kicked out of the bar in Girdwood.
-"Yeah I go couch-bombing sometimes- you get a bagful of Crisco, put it beetween the cushions and GO TO TOWN!" -Dusty Woster on being lonely.
-"You know what they say about women with big feet, big DICKS!!!" -Josh Poe
-"You've never rolled a joint on your skateboard!?! There's WORSE things I've done on a skateboard!" -Dusty
-"Get out of the way, I got a BABY here!!!" -Brandon Smith riding bikes to the bar with Josh Poe and a stuffed animal dressed up to look like a baby.
-"I've fallen down stairs. PLENTY of times." -Cheyenne
-"You've got TWO parrots!?! Sponse me a parrot!" -Brandon Smith after seeing a guy riding around on a beach cruiser with two parrots on his shoulder.....

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